About Me

Photo credit goes to my awesome sister Leanne

Hi, I’m Natalie, the person behind this blog.

About Blog

I always thought one day I should start a sewing blog. It stayed an idea until one day I thought why not now? I, of course, had a list of reasons why I shouldn’t be a sewing blogger. But when I looked at why I should start blogging today I realise I would probably never have as much free time again. So I started my blog naterjane which officially launched on June 9, 2016.

Who Is This Blog For

This blog is for anyone who loves sewing. Who likes to challenge themselves and want to learn more about everything related to sewing. It’s for those who aren’t sure if they can be considered a sewer as they are just starting out. It’s for those that taught themselves to sew.Those who are willing to try things outside of their comfort zone.

37 Random Things About Me

  1. I don’t have nicknames.
  2. I’m an introvert.
  3. In real life, I work as a waitress.
  4. I learnt to sew by sewing for my dolls.
  5. I’m homeschooled.
  6. Naterjane is from Natalie Jane and was first used as a username on Instagram.
  7. I don’t like hamburgers.
  8. I drive a jeep.
  9. I love reading and read lots of nonfiction.
  10. I like most Canadian stereotypes.
  11. My brother is dating someone with the same name as me.
  12. I play the piano.
  13. My spelling is atrocious.
  14. I got into sewing for me as a way to save money.
  15. I never had neat handwriting.
  16. I can be extremely sarcastic.
  17. I love Pinterest.
  18. I’m from a big family.
  19. My favourite ice cream is Oreo ice cream
  20. I can’t pick a favourite book or movie
  21. I once research whether toothpaste cleans your teeth (turns out it the brush that does the cleaning, toothpaste just make your breath smell better)
  22. I hate answering the phone.
  23. I had tried before to make myself a pattern from scratch before it didn’t end well.
  24. I like good magic tricks.
  25. I once wrote a children’s book about lines.
  26. Fall is my worst season.
  27. I can climb a 20-foot rope.
  28. I once made myself gloves.
  29. My sister once stabbed my bed with her sword.
  30. I love dresses; I look put together when in reality I didn’t feel like coming up with an outfit, so I wore a dress.
  31. I peel stickers off everything.
  32. I have 9 clocks in my bedroom, but if I need to set the alarm I still use my phone.
  33. I can’t sleep in later than 9:30
  34. My hands shake all the time, especially when I’m nervous.
  35. I dislike being late.
  36. I don’t have enough homemade clothes for me made may.
  37. I love thunderstorms.

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