An Introduction To Me And My Blog

Since this is my first post I believe we should start with introductions.My name is Natalie Jane and this is where I get to talk sewing all the time.

Photo credit goes to my awesome sister Leanne

That me and this blog is where I hope to share all the things I make (which will be mostly clothes for me ) and all the things I learnt since I started.

I don’t claim to be an expert sewer, I would consider myself to be just an ordinary person who likes sewing. I learnt from my mother and since I don’t like to admit when I screw up I also did a lot of googling. It was I was doing some googling that I found sewing blogs and fell in love.

Previously, I would read sewing magazines like Threads which are chock full of information but a bit overwhelming for a beginner. All the projects they showed seem so professionally done  with never a mistake made during the making of them. Today I do find Threads inspires me  to step up my game a bit; it was sewing blogs, however, that made seem like I could get in the game.

On sewing blogs, you could see the person behind the work and somehow it made sewing seem more doable. The selection of sewing blogs also helped, I could find anything blogs for a beginner, people who only did selfish sewing. I found that so inspiring. Lots of sewing blogs were filled with pictures of the garments and how the got sewed up. And then there still the tutorials, people would show you how to make things. It was amazing and it got be back into the thick of things.

This got me started  with refashioning clothes that would otherwise get donate. Many of those refashion failed. I learnt and moved on to bigger projects. I sewed a dress with my mum help.A dress  which never got worn because the print was overwhelming as a dress . That taught me a lesson on  picking out fabrics. As time went on I sewed more and started to get better. Suddenly, most of my projects would work. This really made me think hey maybe I could be a good sewer. At that point, I still never sewn from a commercial pattern for myself. I did a lot of refashioning and copy other garments I already have.

I was still reading sewing blogs but I found myself longing for more sewers like me. At times, I would stumble across someone who I felt I could relate too but it seemed to happen less and less. It was during this time the idea of starting a sewing blog first sprouted.

It stayed an idea until this spring when I was debating the benefits of a second job. I was thinking of what job would be cool to have in 5 years and I thought of blogging. At first, it seemed a bit  ridiculous, Me start a blog. I don’t know enough about sewing to blog about. Then I thought of all the blogs that inspired me over the past few years. And how sometimes I would find it even more inspiring because they didn’t’ seem like such perfect people. I decided to give it a try I would start a blog this summer and I would blog about how I learnt and what I am learning.

I hope this blog would be a gathering place for creative people who like sewing. whether you’re a beginner or someone who been sewing for 30 years. I hope you this blog will inspire you to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone

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