My Fantastic Lace Dress

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Chambray and lace dress.Welcome, my new lace dress. I made this lace dress as I had the lace skirt lying around and decide it was time to something with it. I knew I didn’t want it as a skirt. I had tried that before but never wore it cause I didn’t like the length. I then thought of a dress and this got made creative juices flowing. I quickly came up with this sketch. Now I had an idea of what I wanted to do I’d looked for fabric. I held the skirt up to the few different fabrics but none of it went. My mum the suggested that I should use jeans. Now I didn’t want to use old jeans again and deal with different washes of jeans and never being able to cut a big enough piece . So I went to the fabric store instead and bought this chambray type fabric.

The sketch for my lace dress.
The sketch for my dress.
The pattern I used for my lace dress
I used the top of this dress pattern as a pattern for my lace dress.
Finding my pattern pieces for my lace dress.
Finding my pattern pieces.

It took me a day or so to get to the fabric store so in the meantime I found a pattern for my lace dress. At first, I thought I would copy one from a top in my closet , I made the muslin but there were lots of problems. I really didn’t want to deal with fitting the muslin forever, so I let it go (aka I gave up on that pattern). I then went and look through the Burda style magazines and found a pattern I liked. I traced the pattern and sewed it up with muslin. This muslin was a bit too big but quickly taking in a few seams fixed that. I then marked the adjustments back on the paper pattern and we were good to go.

The sketch and fabric for my lace dress.
My sketch with the fabric
 All the pattern pieces cut and ready to go for my lace dress
All the pattern pieces cut and ready to go
Marking the dart for the top of my lace dress
Marking the dart.

Once I had both the pattern and the fabric it was time to get to the actually making. I cut the pattern out with my rotary cutter, it makes cutting curves so much easier. I then started sewing it up. The lace dress went together fairly fast and I didn’t  run into any big problems. I did have to sew an invisible zipper in the side seams which took awhile to figure out. Then I made cap sleeves by taking the pattern piece and cutting it shorter. I bias bind bother the armholes and the neck hole, I used grainline tutorial and it worked like magic. My neckline is flat there no awkward gaping and it looks so neat and professional on the inside.

The back top of my dress with all the darts sewn.
The back top of my dress with all the darts sewn
My center back seam
My center back seam
Ironing one of the many bindings in my lace dress
Ironing one of my bindings
My finished neckline binding on my lace dres
My finished neckline binding

I gather the skirt and bias bind the top edge. I then attached the skirt to the bodice. this went smoothly. The skirt does do this sudden poof outward which I don’t really like but I was going to wear it with a belt anyways. Other than that I really happy with this lace dress. It’s  great and I can’t wait to wear the lace dress in public.


It slightly poofs where the skirt and top meet up.
It’s slightly poofs
 The front of my lace dress
The front of my lace dress
 The side of my lace dress with the invisible zip
The side of my lace dress with the invisible zip



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  1. That is gorgeous! Love that you made it yourself!

  2. That turned out awesome! Can’t wait to see you wear it.

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